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Absolution sinoroscopale

Enlisement américain : la faute au sheep !

Le quotidien thaïlandais "The Nation" décrypte la géopolitique internationale via le prisme de l’horoscope chinois. Le 22 janvier débutera l’année du Singe, selon le calendrier chinois : les Etats-Unis, pays monkey, auront le vent en poupe. Analyse bananante.

Simian’s Greetings,

by Eugenia Last, The Nation, 01_01_2004, p. 13A

The Monkey year is upon us and it will be a year of improvisation. In the West, the sign Leo represents its Eastern critter that brings such guile to the upcoming year. The word "no" wil not register those willing to race through this year fearlessly, outspoken and with the ability to laugh if something goes wrong. For the weak or those unwilling to make snap decisions, sit back and watch the quick-witted reach new highs.

America was born under the year of the Monkey (1776). No wonder its growth has been so rapid and its achievements so great in a short period of time. It should be a good year for the US to recover from the devastation left behind by the sheep.

Canada is a Cancer/Rabbit, and although this can be a very good year, it is necessary to warn Canadians not to be too optimistic. Prepare for some minor setbacks resulting from untrustworthy allies.

Britain is a Capricorn/Monkey, so there is no surprise that it stands alongside the US.

Iraq is Cancer/Dog and, although the year of the Monkey will be fair, it will be also hectic with fewer gains and more territorial changes.

Israel is a Taurus/Rat, making this a fruitful year. Caution must be taken not to break friendships, or future repercussions may be felt.

As for world politics, there will be no rest for the weary. Every nation will have to be on guard. This is a year when everyone is out for themselves. Nothing will be conventional and everyone will be looking for the unique edge that will put them ahead for everyone else.

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